About Our Bathrooms

Successful minimalist bathroom designs focus on form, style and function, paying special attention to the use of clean, neutral-colour palettes, simple shapes, clever storage and stylish sanitary ware.

A bathroom that follows the rules of minimalism is the perfect way to help maximise the space available. Minimalist designs are timeless, simple and understated yet they are eye-catching and sophisticated.

Selecting a single, neutral colour for your bathroom creates a pure look that echoes modern design. Darker matte colours and shades of grey will work to underline the aura of simplicity whilst white is effective in both brightening and enlarging your bathroom.

Using colour to unify your bathroom design scheme isn’t the only way to achieve a clean, crisp appearance; the use of singular materials will also help to reach that minimalist look. Whether it’s a specific tone of tile, marble or wood, adhering to one material will bolster the natural appearance and aid your sought-after bathroom ambience.